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TTT Temporarily inactive

This post is to state the obvious with what’s more or less been happening for the past few months with this blog. I’m putting that Tamworth Timehikes blogging time and energy into my Pastorm project page. This isn’t the swansong for Tamworth Timehikes though as I’m sure I’ll keep adding on posts especially when the new sites/projects  working well but I’d just like to say it’s been a great experience so far and thanks for all the support from readers and bloggers. Abe and Ernst will be back!

If your on this site then your probably interested in Tamworth’s history, (or you maybe interested in Tamworth, Australia’s history!) so go on and take part in the Pastorm Tamworth project I created. Upload your photos onto the flickr group, discuss and scribble all over them together all with the aim of creating a truly 21st century ebook on the Tamworth area. Another way you’d like to take part??? then tell me about it.

Click on the Tamworth Pastorm poster to go to the site and find out more.

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Tamworth Talks, a fairly new site crammed full of news, history and photos on the Tamworth area has news about the imminent demolishing of a possible piece of aviation history in Tamworth in the form of a pre R.A.F aircraft hangar! Thought I’d bring this to the attention of readers of this blog.How much is original and what state it’s in is an open question but nobody can argue that’s it not worth finding out. For more information take a look here at the original post on Tamworth talks. In the comments section there is a reference to an active thread on the Aircraft hangar news.

I’m often banged on about this in the blog, too much heritage has been demolished through going unnoticed. The blogosphere gives a real opportunity to stop this happening, nice one Tamworth Talks for spotting this one. It’s out in the open now and hopefully it’s going to grow and grow.

I’ll try to find time and take a couple of pictures and include in the post.

As Andrew  says in the post ” Please put your thinking caps on and see if you can think of anyone who might save it.”

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Heritaged Out

This is the last in a series  taking a step back from heritage and past related themes which has mainly consisted of a lack of posts and an entry on a pond.

This feeling of being what I call ‘heritaged out’ has arisen from numerous factors

1) Getting this whole Pastorm event adventure in Tamworth together and trying to work out ways of getting people involved.

1) Heritage is fashionable. It has been for a number of years but is now everywhere, take a look at the television schedule,everyother television program has something to do with heritage, eg. national treasures,ancient murders, Who do you  think you are,  antiques programmes. Heritage is now part of marketing, products are sold on their oldness and genuineness. Products are sold on the stories they tell.

In Tamworth itself with the Staffordshire hoard coming to town, the place has gone Anglo Saxon mad. From festivals, books, everyone wants a piece of some Anglo Saxon action. My natural and infantile reaction to all this is to react against it. The same thing happened with my dinosaur fixation when Jurassic Park came out and everyone went dinomad. I was about 10 then, hopefully I’ve learnt to take things differently now!

What could happen as with all fashionable things, is that a backlash could  begin, it’s a world of boom and bust after all. Maybe the next riots will be gangs of metal detectors looking for objects to destroy in rage. Country house and local church destruction. paintbombing of  Antique fairs. Even I’m not convinced but for an amusing take on what could happen, take a look at hobby mans video, metal desecrating, genius!

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