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Continuing with exploring the souvenirs side to Tamworth Timehikes. This is the latest addition to Tamworth timehikes story.The blog started with those key ingredients listed in the about page with a desire to demonstrate that even a forgotten corner can turn up all sorts of history and be as interesting in it´s own way as any place.

Went on to create some facial haired eye impaired characters called abe and ernst to accompany the explorations as I´m not actually in Tamworth!! and veered off again to create  souvenirs from the narrative of Tamworth Time hikes.

Above are Abe and Ernst at the Tamworth Timehikes stall, things aren´t going too well, so Abe or is it Ernst, (can never make up my mind who is which)have decided to put themselves up for sale.

T-shirts are an ever popular souvenir item so I´ve decided to do some T-shirt mock ups. Actually one as the other one is taken from the Tribute to the  Lichfield Transmitter entry.

Ok here goes, cue drum roll music….deder!!!

The Tamworth Timehikes t-shirts.

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As I mentioned before the T-shirt on the left was featured before. I love the graph putting the transmitter shoulder to shoulder with Paris, New York!! It´s got the added advantage that the Lichfield transmitter tower can be seen for miles around so it could be a souvenir t-shirt for Lichfield, Walsall, the list goes on…

The one on the right is a profile of Tamworth´s  skyline in a pulse graph style. This one is yearning for a title, something like Wake up Tamworth! but can´t decide. Any title contributions will be greatly appreciated and all profits will be shared; )

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I´m giving Tamworth timehikes it´s very own souvenir section, which gives me a chance to show  my artistic dabblings or ideas on tamworth timehike themes, tongue in cheek style or not.

Here´s the first installment for the  Tamworth Timehikes souvenir shop:

Archaeological  framed section

Archaeologists use vertical cross sections to  understand the stratigraphy and interpret the development of the studied area over time.

archaeologists preparing your own section picture

Why not have your own slice of stratigraphy from your own backgarden, frame it and put it on your wall. Tell the story of the land beneath you with the help of some dirt on a wall. Archaeologists with time on their hands could fill in the details, do a bit of research yourself or simply make it up. Usually the procedure is to use a mixture of all of these.

The above section is taken from a rubbish photo I took of an earth bank bordering a stream next to the river Anker. I´ve labelled it with possible stories of events related with the section mostly made up, getting older the further down on the section,  all wrapped up in a fetching gold frame, you get the gist.

Above is a better looking section from a real archaeology excavation. You can create your own section by cutting a section in your garden, slicing it and putting it between two glass/plastic  frames label it and hey presto  ready to put on the wall( I haven´t worked out the practical details yet)

The frame is optional, here I´ve gone for a rococo style frame.

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