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On this blog I´m often using material, especially maps from sites such as Staffordshire Past tracks, British library, and I´d like to take out some time to thank them and others for providing the material online without which blogs like this or other landscape investigation blogs wouldn´t be possible. To stop this  sounding  like an Oscar ceremony, there’s also the question of Copyright and legal issues when using other sources.  My mind turns to mush whenever I start trying to find out about legal issues. I´ve got fuzzy knowledge of non commercial use, copyleft sounds interesting but couldn´t maintain the attention span to get through it. There´s no problem with people using the material in the blog, but  it´s always nice to get a mention and I apologise if I haven´t mentioned all my sources, I try but  its something to improve. Anyway if anyones can sum up copyright and permission issues in a few lines with pretty pictures it would be greatly appreciated!

Is this legal?

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