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This post is to state the obvious with what’s more or less been happening for the past few months with this blog. I’m putting that Tamworth Timehikes blogging time and energy into my Pastorm project page. This isn’t the swansong for Tamworth Timehikes though as I’m sure I’ll keep adding on posts especially when the new sites/projects  working well but I’d just like to say it’s been a great experience so far and thanks for all the support from readers and bloggers. Abe and Ernst will be back!

If your on this site then your probably interested in Tamworth’s history, (or you maybe interested in Tamworth, Australia’s history!) so go on and take part in the Pastorm Tamworth project I created. Upload your photos onto the flickr group, discuss and scribble all over them together all with the aim of creating a truly 21st century ebook on the Tamworth area. Another way you’d like to take part??? then tell me about it.

Click on the Tamworth Pastorm poster to go to the site and find out more.

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This post is an  experiment and example of how to  integrate and using the new collaborative pastorm site with your posts/ and sites


Back to a good old fashioned micro explore on Timehikes, and it doesn’t get more micro than the local housing estate; Leyfield’s and more precisely Wigginton parks whose  regal history was talked about in the post series before suburbia. For a fantastic blog on Housing estates in London there’s Love London council housing.  There’s nothing as architecturally interesting around here in the housing estates, but who knows if you look hard enough and ask the right questions…

For now back to Wiggington park. After a quick wander around the local park.( Couldn’t really go further in the sweltering heat) came upon a line of bricks poking through the leaf litter on the floor. With the frustrated archaeologist within me in full force, I proceeded to clear with a stick the surrounding foliage in a couple of minutes. The results are in the following photo.

Hmm, what is it? The bricks have mortar between them and looks the part so probably some type of structure and not just bricks thrown in. The bricks look ‘pretty old’ Quick note anyone who wants to know more about  reading the history of buildings in England, needs to know a lot about bricks, more bricks and more bricks! My first thought or hope was that it was the remains of the gate lodge at the entrance to the old Wigginton hall estate. Time to check out the maps:

1899-1904 ordnance map from Staffordshire past track(click to go to site)

Wrong location so after discarding  the lodge option started thinking that it could be some sort of culvert. The bricks are set into a ridge could it follow on from the stream that curves round the western edge of Wigginton park?

A look at the 1887 map gives another possibility. Is that a structure leading off from  the lodge? Anyone out there who can read what that curved dash along the square  means?

1884-1885 ordnance map from oldmaps.co.uk, click on image to go to site.

As so often when looking for something on historic maps you notice other features of interest. Note the well marked with a ‘w’ next to the lodge. Also the long sliver of a pond  little further up. Explains why that spot becomes a muddy mire after a little rainfall. A pond trying to resurrect itself, it will win in the end! Could the pond have something to do with the brick structure? I’m still leaning towards the idea of a culvert, but as usual more questions than answers.

Ending the post with a photo taken on same walk  of a  stately Beech tree in Wigginton park, notice the likely ridge and furrow surrounding it.

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Ok Pastorm has finally started in the Tamworth area, if its starting slow that the way I planned it; )   I hope you enjoy it that’s what’s it there for. Its an experiment, so there’ll be a lot of learning, recieving advice and ideas gratefully. Especially in first few days I will be ironing out details and issues. In the end without sounding too earnest  this “grassroots looking and creating with the past”  experiment  belongs  to  who’s  involved.

Well here is the link to Pastorm, there that wasn’t too difficult.

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For anyone who’s  wondering what’s happened to the blog, well Abe and Ernst below pretty much explain my obsession with the ‘Pastorm online event’ at the moment, a few more tweaks and then just wait for that lightening strike  to come to life.

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