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In the previous post I mentioned brownness. For me its something that I perceive in the surrounding area around Tamworth. Other brownness towns are Measham, Moira, Burton upon Trent. The greenery is often talked about and applauded when talking about the english countryside, and its true that around here especially now greenery is everywhere. Brownness though is something deeper, it’s the light, its something you feel when you come back after being away for a long time. I can’t put my finger on it so I call it brownness. It’s the colour of its beers, bitters, ales, milds, its industrial past, the colour of the bricks, canals, factories, it’s the colour of its farms, buildings,even that most famous Tamworth export the  Tamworth pig is brown. Most of all its the colour of its earth, in winter you can really appreciate it, it’s that heavy clay soil that pervades everything, absorbs the surroundings sometime even  suffocating thought. Maybe its responsible for that characteristic down to earth nature  that is sometimes so refreshing after living away but at the same time constrictive and suffocating. Anyway there’s my case for brownness in words but when talking about colour I should really make my case through images so here goes:

Above is a Tamworth colour chart I’ve done, Its been created through photoshop and the colours samples all come from photos of Tamworth

Tamworth camouflage: I’ve reworked the soldiers camouflage with the Tamworth colour scheme, notice how well camouflaged he is on Tamworth´s Market street.

Tamworth pig, embassador of Tamworths brownness

Notice guy in centre in photo above, he knows what I´m talking about and you know what it works.

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